Silk Handkerchiefs by Paul Haworth

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Hardback Book
ISBN: 978-94-90006-02-0

Published: September 2009

Contains: 96 pages
Written in English
180 × 110 mm

Price: EU – €10.00

Silk Handkerchiefs is the first in a trilogy of short comedy novels by writer and painter Paul Haworth.

Narrator Alex ‘Abs’ Brenchley is unafraid to tell, show and give all. Alongside episodes about his youth at Westminster School, sexcapades in St James’s Park and Victoria Station, and life as one of the art world’s so-called Nutty Solitary Men, Silk Handkerchiefsweaves its story of one fateful day in the life of Alex Brenchley...a day of tragedy, violence and the promise of LOVE.

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