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Camille Rousseau

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Acrylic / ink / carbon paper
Frame material: 1125 WE Barthwood Wengé 
Size 100 x 140 cm


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Price: EU - €3,150.00 (Framed)

Price: EU – €2,580.00

IN STILLNESS WE MOVE comprises of twelve large scale drawings, linked together with the permeating backdrop. 

The surface of the wall becomes active with prolific, exploded composition - where such traces are chasing a feeling of freedom. 
Above this active wall, the twelve frames are capturing the essence of these chaotic lines and their movement - allowing for a feeling of: floating. 

Camille Rousseau (1980) is a french multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Paris but based in Amsterdam. 

Rousseau's work explores the interplay and nuances connecting sound, movement, gestures, and textures, offering an interpretation of the association between these elements in the form of an improvised and dynamic visual language rooted in repetition and flow. Rousseau draws inspiration from the continuous nature of motion and patterns, contrasting existing within organic sequences and lapses of time.

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