White Vetiver
Abel Odor

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Eau de parfum: 15ml or 50ml
100% natural ingredients.
Ingredients: lime oil, spearmint oil, bergamot oil, ginger extract, palmarosa oil, vanilla extract, vetiver oil, vetiverol, ambroxan, ambrettoilide, grain alcohol


Price: EU – €98.00 for 50ml

Price: EU – €48.00

Abel fragrances are all-natural and all-unisex. Evolving to your own personal scent based on your skin, this fragrance lives on the skin until it fades away.

A fresh, cool wood – White Vetiver takes a Haitian vetiver that opens with a creamy lime and mint bouquet and closes with a subtle caramelised wood drydown.

"The sun descending, never-ending, on your face, the lakeside, revealing itself, white on white, crisp..."

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