Salt, Honey, Olive Oil
Lots of Lesvos

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Sea salt by the Ganosis family
Ingredients: 65% natural sea salt, 10% dried oregano, 5% dried rosemary, 10% dried thyme, 10% dried savory.


Honey by the Kamperos family
Ingredients: 100% honey


Olive Oil by the Papadellis family
Ingredients:  60% Kolovi, 30% Adramitiani and 10% Agrielia. No additives


Price: EU – €24.95

Lots of Lesvos strives to enable locals and refugees on Lesvos to care for their families. The initiative aims to change the way we ‘give aid’ and inspire companies and foundations to start projects that are ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. Packaging designed by …,staat.

Lots of Lesvos offers three different beautiful products that are sold together in a package: Sea salt from the Aegean Seas which is blended with carefully handpicked oregano, thyme, savoury, and rosemary from the mountains of Plomari. Honey with wild flowers from freely roaming bees in the mountain village of Skalochori. Pure extra virgin olive oil done through mechanical means and without any chemicals.

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